SYMPHOLIGHT V2.1 Hotfix released!

We just released the 2nd hotfix of SYMPHOLIGHT V2.1.

On the next start of Sympholight you will be noticed, when the option “Check for Updates at start” is checked.
If not, just open Menu Tools / Settings… / Application Settings and press the “Check for Updates” button.
(You will need an internet connection.)

Here are some of the changes:

2.1.12172 (11/27/2017)

– Corrections to the Astronomic Trigger and Astronomic Condition Workflow Designer blocks
– SYMPL Core S: Time Trigger uses localized time now
– DALI: Automatic Addressing can be switched on and off manually
– Support custom fixtures and DALI devices in the same show
– GUI Editor: Some functional improvements
– Stability improvements
– in Workflow
– when resizing
– for network connections
– in engine
– in saving and loading project files


Programmer Preview window, change Background colour

Quite some times we hear the question if it is possible to change the background colour in the Preview window. It is – however a few manual steps are required.

Here is a short guide:

  • Edit the file PRGDefault.xml in “C:\Program Files (x86)\ecue\Programmer V7.0\Skins” (or wherever you installed the Programmer).
    You need Administrator rights to do this.
  • Search for “preview“, you’ll find two rows. “PreviewBackground” defines the outer color and “PreviewBackgroundClear” defines the inner color of the background.
  • Restart Programmer after changing the file!

Hope that helps,

e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT Open Beta

We are pleased to announce that the open beta version of e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT is now available.

The new lighting control software e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT is being developed with superior usability in mind. SYMPHOLIGHT truly simplifies lighting control and programming for medium to large lighting projects. Based on timeline programming with an intuitive interface, SYMPHOLIGHT combines easy project set-up, content creation, automation, and execution control in a single application.

This beta release is made available for you to test and evaluate the upcoming new lighting control software e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT. You are most welcome to join as beta tester and help us make the first release of e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT as good as possible to suit your needs. We look forward to receiving your feedback!

You can download e:cue SYMPHOLIGHT Open Beta (and a manual) via this link to our download site.

Cuelist Property editing



With LAS V7.0 a new e:script command was introduced: CuelistSetProperty(). Now what is the point for you? You can save a lot of programming time by setting a Cuelist Property (say SpeedMaster) for many cuelists in one go.

“What does that help me – I’m no scripting guy!” Well, just import the attached macro and the Action Pad page into your own show. You’ll get an Action Pad page that allows you to alter a Cuelist Property of numerous cuelists with just a few clicks.

Just click the image to download the macro and the Action Pad page!

Lighting Application Suite 7.0 – news and fixes

The Programmer 7.0 is no longer compatible in all details with older/earlier Programmer show files before v7.0. That means, showfiles created in 7.0 can NOT be loaded in earlier versions. Please use “e:cue Action Pad App for Android/iOS” in Version 3.2.1 with this Programmer.

  • Programmer
  • Library Editor (prerequisite for the Programmer and the Patchelor)
  • Patchelor
  • Imagine
  • Emotion FX (restriced Demo which runs only with an e:cue Programmer Enterprise dongle, works only with Programmer 7.0)
  • HASP (prerequisite for the Programmer 7.0 Enterprise and Premium)


  • NEW: DALI Manager for setup and controlling OSRAM DALI ballasts and inputs.
  • NEW: ETH2DALI support for DALI, DMX OUT and TERMINAL device driver.
  • NEW: The trigger machine has been extended to support conditions for every trigger. A trigger will only fire if all conditions are fulfilled.
  • NEW: Action and Trigger clipboard function for copy and paste.
  • NEW: The Emotion FX Sequence properties have been extended to configure the patched pixels overlay mask
  • NEW: It is possible now to let a video loop automatically for Emotion FX sequences.
  • NEW: Timrecode support for Standard Sequences (SMPTE or MTC).
  • NEW: Some new string processing e:script commands.
  • NEW: New V-Master registrated event.
  • NEW: Support for Moxa E1242
  • NEW: No longer support for Nano RS-232, Faderunit RS-232, Elink 512/1024 and Excite (the old Excite, NOT the Excite+).
  • NEW: The bitmap wizard has been extended to use the current Programmer View content as wizard input.
  • NEW: The “Pages Setup” has been moved from the cuelist directory into a separate dialog.
  • NEW: The patch import can be configured to work addivtive now instead of clearing the current patch.
  • NEW: The Patch dialog offers an option now where you can specify into which section the fixtures should be inserted.
  • NEW: new DALI Trigger, Backup Trigger and Ethernet Input Trigger Event.
  • NEW: The export dialog has a new option “set all masters to maximum” which is part of the export master device configuration.

Emotion FX

  • NEW: A transparrent overlay mask based on the mapped pixels can be displayed now to help with the layer positioning.


  • NEW: ETH2DALI support