About Christoph Paduch

Software Test Engineer at OSRAM GmbH, Paderborn, Germany

SYMPHOLIGHT V2.1 Hotfix released!

We just released the 2nd hotfix of SYMPHOLIGHT V2.1.

On the next start of Sympholight you will be noticed, when the option “Check for Updates at start” is checked.
If not, just open Menu Tools / Settings… / Application Settings and press the “Check for Updates” button.
(You will need an internet connection.)

Here are some of the changes:

2.1.12172 (11/27/2017)

– Corrections to the Astronomic Trigger and Astronomic Condition Workflow Designer blocks
– SYMPL Core S: Time Trigger uses localized time now
– DALI: Automatic Addressing can be switched on and off manually
– Support custom fixtures and DALI devices in the same show
– GUI Editor: Some functional improvements
– Stability improvements
– in Workflow
– when resizing
– for network connections
– in engine
– in saving and loading project files