Channels behaving like “inverted”, but they are not

Due to a customer complaint, I came across the following issue, which caused the customer and myself half a day to detect the real cause and to configure the LAS to work as expected.

Hopefully this blog post helps some of you out there finding a solution more quickly.

A Future Light > PHS-260 was patched in Programmer V5.3. The Intensity channel has a mistake in the Main Library (Inverted=true), so the customer copied this fixture to the User Library and set Inverted=false.
But then patching a PHS-260 in the Programmer, setting Intensity to x% and playing with the GrandMaster still causes an inverted behaviour (pulling the GrandMaster down makes the Intensity channel go up and vice versa).

Reason: the GrandMaster at 0% is not simply setting all channels to 0%.
The closer the GrandMaster comes to 0%, the closer the channels go to their Default value.

In this case, the Default of the PHS-260 had also a mistake in the Main Library, it was set to 255. So pulling the GrandMaster down set the Intensity channel up (closer to 255).

The quick solution was clear: setting Default=0 in the User Library solved the behavior.
The Main Library will of course be corrected in the next LAS release. So keep in mind taking a look at both, Default and Inverted, when you work with these settings in the Library   ; )

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