LAS 6.0 – Setting up a show with Color Picker

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2 thoughts on “LAS 6.0 – Setting up a show with Color Picker

  1. Hi all,
    please note, that if you export such a Color Picker to a Butler XT2:

    • Use Trigger Label to create a button that starts the corresponding three cuelists simultaneously.
    • Make sure that during export all Faders are at 100% (especially that Color Picker is full white)!
    • Just a reminder: the show is rendered and then saved on the Butlers SD card (think of it as a DMX stream). So actions contained in cues or cuelists will not be exported.
  2. You may wonder, how to create one Button (with Trigger Label) to toggle the Color Picker on/off AND to have its indicator (or active/inactive state) work correct?

    Here is the idea:

    • in the Trigger Rules “On Label” use “Cuelist PLAY” as action (not Toggle Play)
    • in the Cuelist properties, set “‘Play’ while running” to “Stop cuelist”
    • on the Action Pad button, set “State Control” to “Cuelist x”

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