Defining triggers for Butler S2/XT2 and ETH2DALI standalone

Butler XT setup online/standalone

Butler XT setup online/standalone

For the e:cue Butler XT the definition of Triggers and Actions was quite clear. There were separated tabs for online and standalone mode, for Triggers and Actions. You could assign different Triggers and connected Actions for standalone mode and for online mode.

Butler XT2 setup

Butler XT2 setup

This has changed for the Butler S2/XT2 and the ETH2DALI. The configuration of the Butler S2/XT2’s Actions and Triggers in the Device Manager makes no difference between online and standalone mode. You will define all properties in one single dialog, as you can see on the left. No tabs, only one selection is possible. Define all Triggers and Actions here. When later exporting the show to the Butler XT2 and running a Quick Update, all Triggers not supported in standalone mode are not transferred to the Butler XT2, they are ignored. This seems a little bit confusing. The idea behind is to allow a simpler configuration and to harmonize the standalone and online configuration.

Triggers supported in standalone mode

ETH2DALI Butler XT2 Butler S2
Initialization Parameter context ignored
Cuelists Only stop/end supported
Hourly Seconds are ignored, only hour/minute
Label Fully supported
Periodic Fully supported
Sunrise Fully supported
DALI Event Fully supported

Conditions supported in standalone mode

Valid From/To is supported in standalone mode. Since LAS V7.0 this is Condition > Date.
All other Conditions in Trigger Rules (since LAS V7.0) are not supported in standalone mode.

Supported Actions in standalone mode

ETH2DALI Butler XT2 Butler S2
DALI Fully supported (except Ramp Intensity > Toggle Ramp Up Down)
Cuelists Supported except parameter Choose
Mutual Exclude Group Fully supported
Set Intensity Fully supported
Ramp Intensity Start Fully supported
Ramp Intensity Stop Fully supported
Reset All Fully supported
Step Intensity Fully supported
Stop all cuelists Fully supported
Trigger Label Fully supported
Hibernate Fully supported
Freeze Fully supported

Other restrictions in standalone mode

For Butler XT2 and ETH2DALI, a total of 99 cuelists can be exported and not more than 100 trigger rules will be evaluated in standalone mode.

ETH2DALI specific

The Butlers do not, but the ETH2DALI supports the following Actions additionally in cues and as cuelist “Release Action”:

  • DALI
  • Send Labeled Event
  • Toggle Trigger Label (useful to realize “toggle on/off” for a Ballast or Group with PBCs)
  • Driver Command (to switch the ETH2DALI relays)

See the LAS System Manual, Chapter »Managing devices«, »Configuring a Butler XT2« for details.

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