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For an internal training, I was writing down a few keyboard shortcuts for the Macro Editor.
I wondered if there are more and remembered that the Scintilla engine was used. Searching the web led me to which shows all possible keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a list of those available and useful in the Macro Editor – enjoy   ; )

Magnify text size. Ctrl+Keypad+
Reduce text size. Ctrl+Keypad-
Restore text size to normal. Ctrl+Keypad/
Indent block. Tab
Dedent block. Shift+Tab
Delete to start of word. Ctrl+BackSpace
Delete to end of word. Ctrl+Delete
Delete to start of line. Ctrl+Shift+BackSpace
Delete to end of line. Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Go to start of document. Ctrl+Home
Extend selection to start of document. Ctrl+Shift+Home
Go to end of document. Ctrl+End
Extend selection to end of document. Ctrl+Shift+End
Scroll up. Ctrl+Up
Scroll down. Ctrl+Down
Line cut. Ctrl+L
Line copy. Ctrl+Shift+T
Line delete. Ctrl+Shift+L
Line transpose with previous. Ctrl+T
Selection duplicate. Ctrl+D
Previous word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Left
Next word. Shift extends selection. Ctrl+Right

2 thoughts on “Programmer > e:script Macro Editor > keyboard shortcuts

  1. I just found this blog and am very excited by it. I am a system designer and integrator who uses e:cue for many different lighting and show control applications. Thank you for taking the time to do these posts.

    Best Regards,

    Kurt A. Kroh

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