More MIDI, please

There are some other new features in the LAS 6.1, one is an addition in two places to simplify the use of MIDI sources for Masters and Triggers in the Programmer. It is a learning function which listens to a MIDI channel and recognizes channels and channel values. Not that complex, but very helpful.

MIDI for Masters

MIDI control for Masters

MIDI control for Masters

Either in the Master’s context menu (right mouse click) or in the Master’s properties dialog (Grand and Versatile Masters) there is a Learn entry or button. For Masters, only MIDI Control Changes are recognized, and they are only possible for Masters, not for Faders. Simply click the Learn button or select Learn from the context menu, move or turn the control knob or fader on a MIDI keyboard or MIDI console and the right channel ┬áparameters get inserted as MIDI source for this Master.

There is an additional checkbox in the dialog for feedback. Feedback means that in case of a change of this Master in the Programmer (and even in the Action Pad!) the Programmer sends out MIDI control changes to the physical MIDI source to reflect the change on the fader. Perfect for MIDI consoles with motor faders.

Now MIDI for Triggers

MIDI Learn for Triggers

MIDI Learn for Triggers

Using MIDI notes from a keyboard as Triggers in the Programmer is not new. But this gets much easier with the MIDI Learn button in the definition dialog for the Trigger. Open the Trigger list, add a trigger and press MIDI Learn. Now use a key on the connected MIDI keyboard or a button on a MIDI keypad and the note will be used as MIDI value to trigger the Action. Define the proper Action and you’re done.

Famous last words

When ever using MIDI sources, do not forget to insert a MIDI driver in the Device Manager of the Programmer. Open the Device Manager, choose to add a driver and use the Generic MIDI driver for MIDI cards or USB-to-MIDI adapters. The configuration of the MIDI device usually gets done by an automatic Windows driver update.

One thought on “More MIDI, please

  1. This is GREAT. I use hundreds of MIDI triggers for my e:cue Christmas display and adding the learn feature and master feedback will help a lot. I have several motorized MIDI control surfaces that I use with e:cue for many different types of shows. Thank you for your continuing effort to make e:cue better and for including suggestions from the user base.

    Best Regards,

    Kurt A. Kroh

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