How to simulate the old Butler play mode

Butler S2 & XT2

Butler S2 & XT2

Sometimes people ask for possibilities to get back the old play mode in standalone mode for Butler S2 or Butler XT2. As the new versions play up to eight cuelists in parallel, the old Action ›Play > Next‹ is not useful anymore. The old Butlers always played only one cuelist at a time. The whole story is rather simple:

  • Place all relevant cuelists in one Mutual Exclude Group (Mutex Group), can be done with the Cuelist Directory in one step.
  • Create a Trigger rule ›On Initialization > Mutual Exclude Group 1 > Play‹, so cuelist 1 will be started when the Butler goes offline or into standalone mode.
  • Assign an ›Action Mutual Exclude Group 1 > Next‹ to the button. Done.

As the cuelists are now in a Mutex Group only one cuelist will run at a time. When switching to the next cuelist, the previous cuelist will be stopped, due to the Mutex assignment.

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