Ramp Intensity Start / Stop actions

Today I realized that the Ramp Intensity Start and Ramp Intensity Stop actions are not intuitively understandable. The idea was to mimic the “Intesity Up” and “Intensity Down” actions from the Butler XT Stand Alone Mode triggers. That is, while holding a button, the corresponding fader will move up (or down) until the button is released.

To do so, create an Action Pad button with Toggle State = Push
As Action#1 use Ramp Intensity Start for the desired fader and a delta of 1.
As Action#2 use Ramp Intensity Stop for the same fader.

Here is an example Action Pad page:
Action Pad page - Ramp Intensity example (971)

A delta of 1 means that the fader changes by 1% per frame, so it takes 3 seconds to go from 0% to 100% (or vice versa).

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