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  1. i am trying to install martin mx4 fixtures to run on our ecue controller program. on the internal choices for fixtures, i have the option of martin mx4’s . but, it is only for one channel operation. how do i get the controls to operate the mx4’s in full 6 or 7 channel operation… thank you

    • Hi,

      for technical questions, please use our forum at (in future)!

      By default, there is no Martin > MX-4 in our library (I just see the Martin > MX1), but you can add it yourself.
      Easiest way is to Open Library Editor and to copy a similar fixture (maybe the Martin MX1?) from the Main Library to the User Library. There, change the details as needed, choose a unique “Name” and “Short Name” and save the User Library.
      Then restart Programmer and you’re ready to go : )

      hope that helps,

  2. Hi Iam using an Ecue touch screen system in a club here in dublin & we need to log in to change the settings & we do not have access to the person with it. Is there a way of doing this? We are on site here now & would much appreciate help ASAP please


    00353 866085692

    • Hi Greg,
      for technical questions please use the ecue forum.
      If you’re under pressure, you best call our cologne office – they can answer most question or find the correct person to help you.

      Best regards,

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