Show export: Dos and Don’ts

Show export

Engines like Butler XT2 and the ETH2DALI can work in standalone mode, without a server with the Lighting Application Show. In this case the created show gets only executed in the engine. For this reasons there are some functions and features that only can be used with a server in the background. In standalone mode not all is possible. This is mainly valid for Triggers and Actions that the Programmer can execute, but not the Butler XT2 or the ETH2DALI. This leads to some confusion when you create a show, if you use functions not available in the engine.

A maximum of 99 cuelists can be exported.

Limitations in standalone mode

The maximum for Trigger Rules is 100.

Here is a table which shows which Triggers can be used in the Programmer and in engines(PR = Programmer, S2 = Butler S2, X2 = Butler XT2, ED = ETH2DALI)


Also not all Actions are possible with engines. The Butler S2 and Butler XT2 have different Actions from the Programmer when running in standalone mode. The ETH2DALI supports all Actions as the Butler XT2 plus DALI and Labeled Events.





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