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LCE2 and Butler PRO

LCE2 and Butler PRO

Traxon Technologies, a global leader in solid state lighting and control systems, introduces two new high performance lighting control servers – Lighting Control Engine 2 (LCE2) and Lighting Control Engine 2 fx (LCE2-fx) – together with a new Butler PRO output engine for running large numbers of DMX512/RDM or e:pix universes. Featuring innovative technology, these important additions to Traxon & e:cue’s lighting control engine and software portfolio take control systems to new heights. They significantly enhance the flexibility, reliability, scalability and performance of lighting, media and show control programming.

The Lighting Control Engine 2 (LCE2) and Lighting Control Engine 2 fx (LCE2-fx) are designed to orchestrate fixtures, media, interfaces, and user terminals in medium to large lighting installations. Supporting a wide range of standardized and Ethernet-based control protocols, a variety of input and outputs and ports, the engines are designed specifically to act as the core of any complex lighting installation. With the Lighting Application Suite (LAS) software pre-installed, these high-performance servers succeed the successful LCE and LCE-fx with increased capacity to control sophisticated lighting projects and guarantee uninterrupted operation. Similar to the LCE2, but with dynamic real-time video capabilities and extended software tools, LCE2-fx is the ultimate solution for the most demanding projects including mixed media installation.

Butler PRO is a new DMX512/RDM or e:pix output engine that interfaces seamlessly with the Lighting Application Suite (LAS) and offered maximum control scalability. The Butler PRO DMX512/RDM version is the optimal choice for running a large number of DMX512 universes — up to 16 DMX512/RDM universes (8,192 channels) — with full RDM (Remote Device Management) capability for bidirectional communication, while the Butler PRO e:pix version – available Autumn 2013 – is running up to 16 e:pix universes (32,768 channels). Connected to a server via Ethernet, Butler Pro can be easily mountable in a standard 19-inch rack and accommodates wall mounting via rotatable 19-inch mounting brackets.