Autumn Update 2012

Three major product updates happened for October 2012.

Mobile Action Pad

Mobile Action Pad

The Lighting Application Suite 6.0 is released. New features are the Color Picker for Action Pad, Emotion FX DMX Output and the Dynamic Scrolltext for Live FX. More to read in the e:cue website.

With the Butler XT2 firmware version 2.0 you now can control the engine with Action Pad in standalone mode. Either with a Flash-enabled PC web browser or with …

The Mobile Action Pad for iOS and Android. Supports the new styles in the Action Pad and the Color Picker. Read more


How to write a post

Some general guidelines


Feel free to write a post as you like, but watch the following points:

  • Please do not use categories, either one uses categories or tags. As tags reflect the importance of topics we use tags and not categories (using both grants confusion).
  • Do not create new tags if not absolutely necessary. Go to Posts -> Tags to see already available tags. If you place the cursor into the tag field and you begin to type, available tags spelled like this will be shown.
  • Posts are public in general. There is a checkbox at the right bottom for “Access”. If you set this checkbox the post is handled at internal, only logged-in users can see the post. Logged-in users are those, who have a login.
  • Please use only Heading 1 for the main title and Heading 2 for subheaders (due to Google and SEO).
  • For longer posts please create a summary or a lead at the very beginning to help the user to see if this is relevant. Set the summary/lead in bold to mark it as what it is.


Internal users are Traxon employees, not students or trainees. Do not create new users if they are not Traxon intern. If users from outside Traxon want to have a login, please check with Chris Loeser. Better check with him in any case.


Channels behaving like “inverted”, but they are not

Due to a customer complaint, I came across the following issue, which caused the customer and myself half a day to detect the real cause and to configure the LAS to work as expected.

Hopefully this blog post helps some of you out there finding a solution more quickly.

A Future Light > PHS-260 was patched in Programmer V5.3. The Intensity channel has a mistake in the Main Library (Inverted=true), so the customer copied this fixture to the User Library and set Inverted=false.
But then patching a PHS-260 in the Programmer, setting Intensity to x% and playing with the GrandMaster still causes an inverted behaviour (pulling the GrandMaster down makes the Intensity channel go up and vice versa).

Reason: the GrandMaster at 0% is not simply setting all channels to 0%.
The closer the GrandMaster comes to 0%, the closer the channels go to their Default value.

In this case, the Default of the PHS-260 had also a mistake in the Main Library, it was set to 255. So pulling the GrandMaster down set the Intensity channel up (closer to 255).

The quick solution was clear: setting Default=0 in the User Library solved the behavior.
The Main Library will of course be corrected in the next LAS release. So keep in mind taking a look at both, Default and Inverted, when you work with these settings in the Library   ; )